Gold stone chain ecology
Technological Innovation 1: Storage Ecosystem
LPS relies on an ecosystem of decentralized storage. Storage providers can use the Arbitrary Data field to announce themselves on the web, making it easy for customers to read by using standardized templates.
Technological Innovation II: Customer Protection Mechanism
LPS further enhances reliability by migrating slices on off-line hosts. Users can borrow, save cryptocurrencies, or purchase investment products, all of which are automatically controlled by the blockchain without any risk of public property.
Technology Innovation 3: Online Game Features
Based on the LPS Goldstone chain, random number generation programs and automated reporting systems will no longer be managed by people, but managed by encrypted verifiable code, which will greatly increase the level of trust and thus revolutionize the online interactive gaming industry. .
Core Team Members
LPS Core Team Members
Application prospect
The design of the LPS stone chain begins with the analysis of typical use cases of enterprise applications, and designs the LPS Golden Stone chain protocol and system features to ensure that the system can finally meet the needs of a wide range of enterprises.
Standardized protocol structure
Since the blockchain application scenario is a multi-party participation and collaboration scenario, the LPS Golden Stone chain has designed standardized protocols and data structures from the top layer to solve the problem of data interaction between enterprises and avoid the multi-chain coexistence of blocks. The formation of data islands in the evolution of chain technology makes the blockchain truly a basic protocol for standardized Internet value exchange and trust delivery.
Decentralized insurance
PS Goldstone chain is based on block network technology data network consensus, non-tampering, decentralization and other characteristics, so that each participant is on an equal footing, breaking the traditional centralization prediction team's final result is determined by one or several decision makers Participants are free to vote and no longer rely on the recognition of a single centralized decision. For this reason, the forecasting platform can avoid being manipulated by the centralized organization and achieve self-incrimination.
Loose coupling and modularity
The LPS stone chain adopts a modular design, which realizes the loose coupling between modules by defining clear interfaces between modules, so as to obtain good scalability of the whole system. The system can adopt different pluggable according to the needs of different users and scenes. Module component.
DPoS algorithm
The DPoS algorithm greatly increases the speed of the transaction. By trusting a small number of good faith nodes, unnecessary steps in the block signature process can be removed. DPoS blocks can accommodate more transactions than PoW or PoS, allowing cryptocurrency to be traded closer to centralized clearing systems like Visa and Mastercard.
Determine the launch of the LAPIS CHAIN ​​Golden Stone Chain project, establish the team, establish core missions and functions, and complete the architectural planning.
Fundraising officially launched, LAPIS CHAIN ​​Jinshi chain started trading
Jointly established a blockchain technology research laboratory with world-class universities to further improve the LAPIS CHAIN ​​diamond chain code
LAPIS CHAIN ​​Golden Stone Chain Globalization Starts